Despite the blustering wind and pouring rain, over 12,000 people made their way to the London ExCel Centre for the 2019 edition of the AWS London Summit. Since its inception in 2006, Amazon Web Services has seen a meteoric rise in popularity, becoming one of the leading forces in the technology industry today. This year’s summit covered a range of growing digital trends and discussed how AWS stays at the forefront of all of them. Machine Learning, AI and Data were among key topics, but none of these would be here if it wasn’t for innovation. Below we break down the key concepts for successful innovation from Faye Holt’s fantastic talk at the summit.

Innovation Nation

Innovation is one of the concepts that has facilitated AWS’ growth into the powerhouse it is today. However, it can be difficult for innovation to flourish in a corporate environment, after all, not every idea can be a winner. Investing in every idea that comes up would cost some serious capital, so how can enterprises provide an environment where their new projects can flourish?

Faye Holt, of AWS, provided some excellent insights into how to ‘surf the wave of innovation’. The majority of innovation projects fail to reach a successful conclusion, with the amount of money spent, this issue needs to be addressed

– 80% of all innovation projects fail

– Innovation costs the UK £64.7 billion annually

Research by Innovation as Usual, PA Consulting

There are a number of reasons for this, the most common of which is not having the right personnel, with the right skills, for the job. So how can enterprises make sure their innovations have the best chance to succeed?

Communication and coordination are the most important factors to consider. Allow ideas to flow naturally through conversation, but ensure that this co-ordinated to drive change, otherwise they are just ideas.

Fail – and fail fast

Faye Holt – Amazon Web Services

Failing early and often ensures that your team’s time and energy is not spent on ideas that are going nowhere. Trial and error is a natural part of innovation, so embrace the failures but make sure to learn a lesson from each one and keep pushing forward.

Work backwards from your primary goal. Make sure you know what you want, then you can move forward knowing every success and failure along the way is bringing you closer to the end goal. Track your success through data by having quantifiable measures of success.

Stay risk aware. By governing the project in the right way you can stay on top of the risks, be aware of the time scale, know how close you are to success or failure. Make sure you have the necessary guardrails in place along the way.

With all of these factors in mind, don’t forget to think big! Do not let the fear of failure hold you back as you work towards creating something special!

Innovation at Heed

Not too long ago, Heed was a messaging automation service focussed primarily on the ITSM industry and we had a great product. However, in the fast pace of today’s business world, all too often ‘great’ is not enough.

Through the innovations of our super-star development team, Heed has transformed from a great messaging tool into the ultimate end-user experience for leading enterprises. Giving Team Heed the room to explore new ideas has led the core product from strength to strength, with a host of new features coming through in the last 12 months.

Now Heed is a powerful tool for enterprise organisations trying to facilitate their own innovations and undergo a complete digital transformation. Find more about Heed and how we are able to deliver the digital workspace of the future at