The Problem

At Heed, we use GitHub and Jira religiously, so it was an obvious choice to get them to talk to each other. We had been using the ‘Git Integration for Jira’ application for some time, whilst it is a very powerful tool, it leans towards updating GitHub from changes that occur in Jira. However, our Dev Team prefers to play in GitHub, therefore we needed to find a solution that allows Jira to pull updates from GitHub.

This is when I discovered ‘GitHub for Jira‘, who claim to solve our problem, but before switching tool, I broke down the pros and cons of both:

Git Integration for
– Supports all GitHub
– Smart Commit
– Handle branches and pull request on JIRA
– $10 per month.  
– Cannot update Jira issue using
GitHub pull requests
GitHub for
– Free
– Easy to set up
– Smart Commit
– Updates Jira issues
while working in
– Documentation is not all
in one place
– When using the “Branch created”
integration, it won’t map to a Jira user

Also reference: 

These pros and cons definitely favour ‘GitHub for Jira’, but after finding the app in the Atalassian Marketplace, I noticed it was only rated 2-stars which concerned me. The reviews are incredibly polarised, with some users saying it works perfectly, so I decided to try it.

GitHub for Jira

One issue on several of the lower reviews was ‘no documentation’. Either these reviews are out-dated or the users missed it, as the documentation is easily found under Overview > Support.

After following the set-up steps it was not working during testing, I came very close to leaving a 1-star review of my own. Some shouting at the screen, I decided to follow the steps again before giving up. When giving repository access, I only selected one repository and I used a different one for testing, a simple case of user error on my part.

Once the setup was complete, I wanted to trigger updates to the Jira workflow with my GitHub activity, but how?

I found this page on configuring workflow triggers, which provides a guide that is easy to follow and ensures everything is set up properly. If you want to use Smart Commit, I would recommend consulting this page, it’s also very easy to follow.

I couldn’t initially see the ‘Development panel’ on the Jira modals. Once you have given the correct repository access, you simply need to create a branch or push something related to that issue and the integration will trigger and you will be able to see the panel.

Overall, I found the app was very easy to set up, if you have a problem try visiting the support page here.


Our team have been using the ‘GitHub for Jira’ integration for a few weeks now and it is great. There are several reviews on the app’s page in the Atlassian Marketplace that refer to issues with setting up, documentation or the app not working but I have had none of these problems so maybe these reviews are outdated. We are very happy with the app, it makes Jira a much more effective tool for our Dev team – 5 stars!

Author: Jing Yu, Core Team Lead

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