Access Approvals

Minimise the friction of security policies and practices.

Information security is an essential part of modern business operations. Or, more specifically, security policies and practices are critical in protecting business operations and information assets.

However, there’s also the need to ensure that security practices don’t adversely affect an employee’s ability to do the work they need to do – with both the need for frictionless security processes and providing a balancing act between risk management and usability.

The use of email causes issues for employees requiring easy and timely access to corporate resources.

Requests for access to resources can be delayed due to employees and approvers missing the related emails.

The use of email for access requests, and subsequent reminders, are ineffective and can impede employee productivity.

Our Solution

In this example, the Heed proactive messaging workflow platform informs all employees that their passwords require updating.

An employee’s consolidated message stream suitably prioritises these communications, with them colour coded according to urgency, and – where necessary – Heed can push notifications to employee devices.

Refreshed notifications will continue to appear as the password-reset deadline approaches – with each new message replacing the previous – until the employee completes the required action. This is easy to do, with an employee able to change their password by following a link in the message.

Finally, Heed’s reporting capabilities show response-rate trends such that the need for education or operational issues can be highlighted and addressed. 

Case Study

A multi-national healthcare provider struggled to handle the additional IT workload and the adverse business impact of

monthly password expiry issues in the absence of password reset automation.


Realised annual savings of $670,000


Employees saved 1,500 days per month


90% reduction in calls to the service desk