Asset Approvals

Make it easier for your employees to give feedback on their asset use.

The scope of your organisation’s asset management needs is likely broad, from IT assets – hardware, software, and services – through to the physical and digital assets of other business functions.

There are many operational, management, and governance aspects to consider, from reducing asset-based wastage through periodical asset audits, to ensuring software-licence compliance.

Effective asset management can be difficult, particularly when tracking non-connected IT assets or non-IT assets.

Organisation’s frequently rely on ineffective methods, such as physical audits and email-based surveys.

These methods do not provide a timely or complete understanding of a business function’s assets.

Our Solution

Heed is a proactive messaging workflow platform that helps your organisation efficiently gain insight into the employee use of business assets. Asset management can be done both directly and indirectly, with the priority of the asset-management-related communications suitably set within an employee’s consolidated message stream. Where necessary, Heed can also push these messages as device-based notifications.

With Heed, your organisation’s IT department and other business functions have additional, effective asset management capabilities that increase asset insight, reduce costs and improve governance, and – importantly – cause minimal friction to employees and their productivity.

Case Study

A multi-national professional services company was struggling with asset management, knowing that it needed to add

extra capabilities related to operational efficiency, management effectiveness, and governance needs.

$2 million

A reduced need to purchase new assets, resulting in savings of $2 million over years 1 and 2

$1 million

Increased governance and a reduction in audit management costs of $1 million over years 1 and 2


A reduction in net asset management costs – where more is now achieved for less, saving $600,000 over years 1 and 2