Approval Facilitation

Heed makes it easy for employees to focus on and action the approvals that need their timely attention – from approving IT change to employee annual leave.

Better decisions make for better business

Heed is designed, using real business needs and preferred employee working practices, to help ensure that the most important employee work and business needs are addressed first

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Visible Notifications

The required action and the information necessary to complete it are presented within a single alert, with the ability to distribute targeted communications based on job role, location, activity, or preference.

Dynamic Messages

Heed proactively updates or removes messages when the situation or need changes. Employees can also flag messages that aren’t relevant to them to improve both communications and business operations.

Multiple Channels

Heed pushes important notifications to multiple device types, and in various formats depending on organisational and employee preferences, to ensure that messages get the attention they need.

Employees and processes are more efficient

Heed is a consumer-grade digital communication workspace. The variety of delivery channels better enable employees and make for a great employee experience that delivers superior business operations and outcomes.

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Greater insight

Real-time analytics accurately track the operational efficiency of messaging and process operation within the business, with intra- and cross-process comparisons available to identify issues such as bottlenecks.

Identify improvements

In addition to enabling day-to-day business operations and outcomes, Heed helps identify a variety of time or cost savings and quality improvements through the real-time analytics and message-based feedback.


The audit trail data related to message delivery, access, and actions – either individual transactions or in an aggregated manner – can be used as evidence for governance or compliance purposes.

Delivered by a fit-for-purpose solution

In addition to receiving push notifications, employees can access their messages and work in an intelligent work feed that presents a consolidated, prioritised view of their notifications from multiple enterprise systems.

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Extended workflows

Heed provides streamlined digital processes that extend existing enterprise-system workflows bi-directionally to each employee’s digital communication workspaces, with systems automatically updated via one-click actions.

Easy configuration

Heed uses no-code automation, which employs intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities, to create the extended workflows – these are the message workflows that dictate message and action behaviour.