How Heed Works

Transform your Digital Workspace through Heed's state-of-the-art PACT process

Heed’s PACT is the catalyst that transports your business to the pinnacle of digital technology. Heed is trusted by leading enterprises across the globe to deliver this critical transformation, why? Because our PACT is more than just a process, it’s a promise. A promise to deliver your digital transformation with unmatched speed, service, and security.


The PACT process begins with the integration of existing enterprise applications with Heed’s User Experience Portal. This allows for the consolidation of processes from across the organisation, giving the end user access to their entire digital workspace in one place.


By giving end user’s the power to work in one space, you drastically increase both user experience and productivity.


With e-mails becoming increasingly inefficient, it is time to stop chasing colleagues and checking junk folders. Automated communication is the fastest and most reliable way to drive progress.


Utilising our intuitive workflow builder, enterprise processes and the surrounding communications are automated in the most effective way for your business. Heed targets relevant user groups with actionable alerts, automatically feeding their response back into existing applications.


In order to revolutionise the way end users communicate around digital activities, Heed sends targeted alerts across a wide range of channels. Heed integrates with any existing communication tools to reach users fast, sending actionable notifications that allow users to respond in seconds.


Heed’s omni-channel alerts can be custom-branded to suit your enterprise, with personalised response options that are designed to promote quick feedback. 


By unifying the end user’s digital workspace, Heed transforms the way a business operates from the ground up. With existing enterprise systems, processes, and communications all connected through Heed, the business becomes perfectly streamlined, freeing employees to focus on what is most important.


At the end of the PACT process, Heed has delivered a centralised digital workspace that offers end users a consumer-grade experience from start to finish.

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