Intelligent Communication

Promote activity from end users through actionable, omni-channel communications

For decades e-mail has been the cornerstone of communication for enterprises around the world, however, in the age of digital transformation, it has become both outdated and highly inefficient.

Automated Comms

Heed uses actionable communication to ensure that information is not just seen, but acted upon as efficiently as possible. Through targeted, omni-channel alerts, the right information reaches the right people fast, driving productivity to save the business time and money.

Two-Way Integration

Enable users to take action directly from notifications. From approving time sheets to acknowledging critical alerts, the user’s response is automatically fed back to the relevant enterprise system and updated within the Heed platform.

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Targeted Real-Time Alerts with Custom Branding

Target specific user groups with custom-branded communications. Heed sends out alerts that are updated in real-time, ensuring the information stays relevant or is retracted and archived. The content, distribution method, and design can be personalised throughout.

Omni-Channel Communication

Guarantee key communications are seen as soon as possible. Heed can send alerts via a range of channels, which can be fully customised depending on the user or target group. For critical alerts, notifications can be sent across all channels for drastically improved response times.

Automated Communications

It’s time to replace email as the driving force behind business processes. Heed automatically distributes key information around ongoing digital activities, ensuring end users have constant access to the latest updates. This ends the reliance on users sending and checking emails to drive action on a task.

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