When speed is of the essence your Major Incident Management cannot afford to rely on email and overloaded inboxes.

Emails are easily missed and quickly become outdated, limiting the capabilities of those who need to take action.

Employees need to be able to see the most recent, and important, messages when dealing with major incidents.

Our Solution

Heed allows organisations to communicate major incidents in ways that cannot be missed or ignored.

It’s not just the active participants that need to be notified and engaged. In order to maintain a positive end-user experience, everyone affected must be informed of the major incident’s occurrence and the anticipated resolution time. To help, Heed provides a proactive messaging workflow platform that automates the initial response, active participation, and updates.

Your organisation’s employees are notified of any potential obstacles and threats, and those involved in resolution efforts are better able to focus on the actions necessary to solve the major incident in the most effective and time-sensitive way possible.

Case Study

A global investment bank was struggling with major incident management handling, including the

prolonged adverse business impact caused by communication issues.


An 80% reduction in major incident resolution time


An 80% reduction in the costs of major incidents

$2 million

A $2 million saving to the cost of handling major incidents