Service Request Approval

Allow service request approvers to focus on, and quickly address, what matters most.

While IT service requests are usually a much lower priority than incidents, there will sometimes be a need for them to be handled quickly. This might be due to a compelling operational business need, to ensure employee safety, or another reason that means the fulfilling of a service request is a priority.

Thankfully some service request types can be pre-approved but for those where hierarchical or financial approval is still needed the delays in request approval or, more accurately, the inability of request approvers to do what they need to do as efficiently as possible can cause issues.

Some service requests can’t afford to wait on employees spotting request-approval emails within their personal email inboxes and then actioning them.

Not only does this cause unnecessary provisioning delays, but it might also adversely affect business operations and outcomes.

Your service request management capabilities need a more effective mechanism for communicating and actioning service request approvals.

Our Solution

Heed is a proactive messaging workflow platform that helps your organisation’s employees to efficiently see and approve their waiting service-request approvals, with the request-related communications suitably prioritised within an employee’s consolidated message stream. Where necessary, these messages can also be pushed as device-based notifications.

Importantly, a single request approval message provides an employee with everything they need to action the service request, both the relevant request information for decision-making and an action button. Request approvals that no longer require the employee’s attention are automatically removed from their message stream to avoid unnecessary time-wasting across approval groups.

With Heed, employees can respond to incoming service-request approval communications quickly – meaning faster provisioning that in turn drives better business operations and outcomes.

Case Study

A leading, global advisory and brokerage firm was struggling with

unwanted delays in its service request provisioning.

2 days

Reduced average approval time from 1 week to 2 days


A reduction in service request handling costs of $750,000


A reduction in the number of unnecessary requests of 25%