Smart Workfeed

A clear, consolidated view of all tasks and activities from across your enterprise platforms

Heed’s Smart Workfeed puts the user’s entire digital workspace on a single screen, creating an environment where any digital action can be viewed or completed in a matter of seconds. Updated in real-time, the Smart Workfeed gives users a prioritised view of ongoing processes, ensuring they are focussed on what matters most.

Accessible via the desktop app, mobile app, browser, or through your existing intranet, Heed allows users to stay connected wherever they are. The Smart Workfeed transforms the way employees work online, simultaneously increasing efficiency and responsiveness from the end user.

Prioritised Visibility

Simplify business processes and increase productivity by providing employees with a single feed that contains all relevant tasks from across their enterprise platforms.

Take Action

Streamline digital tasks by giving users the power to respond from within a notification. Through the Smart Workfeed, users can track ongoing processes in real-time, ensuring everyone is kept up-to-date.

Process Audit

Highlight areas for improvement by analysing a timeline of events around each process, see what actions were taken and when, providing complete accountability to process owners.


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