Wider Business Use

Allow all employees to focus on, and quickly address, what matters most.

It’s not only IT that needs to “move at the speed of business” – every corporate business function needs to deliver services and support more efficiently and effectively. Firstly, because employees now expect more from corporate service providers such as HR and Finance. Secondly, because unwanted process delays adversely affect employee productivity, potentially harming business operations and outcomes.

These delays work both ways, too – an employee might be waiting on an internal service provider action, or a service provider might be waiting on an employee. To help, Heed allows all employees to focus on, and quickly address, what matters most.

Your business-function processes shouldn’t have to wait for employees to spot action-related emails. This causes unnecessary delays as communications are lost in a sea of unread emails.

This issue can work both ways, with employees waiting on service provider processes and service providers waiting on employee actions.

Your business functions and employees need a more effective mechanism to communicate and drive the necessary actions, one that removes the unwanted delays caused by email use.

Our solution

Heed is a proactive messaging workflow platform that helps employees efficiently see and address required actions, with communications suitably prioritised within an employee’s consolidated message stream. Where necessary, Heed can also “push” the most important messages as device-based notifications.

Importantly, a single message provides employees with everything they need, both the relevant information for decision-making and an action button. Plus, messages that no longer require the employee’s attention are automatically removed from their message stream to avoid unnecessary time-wasting.

With Heed, employees respond to action-related communications quickly and in a more informed way, meaning faster employee actions that drive better business operations and outcomes.

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