How much is email costing your business?

Email was invented in 1972 to speed up the distribution of memos. Today it is used for things it was never intended to serve. As a result, employee distraction and inefficiency is costing organisations billions every year.


of a high-skilled worker’s week is spent managing emails, according to a McKinsey survey.*


emails are sent every month to manage Business and IT Change requests, in a global banking firm.**


in productivity costs are incurred every year in the US due to “Broken Communication”, according to a Forbes report.***


Take Heed of More

Stop using email for action-oriented messaging.
Heed is a purpose built platform for organisations who need faster, more efficient communication.

Action oriented messaging starts with Heed

Our intelligent platform works dynamically to align with your business processes, so you can achieve more, in less time.

Ensure critical information reaches the right people at the right time, in ways that cannot be ignored.


Elicit real-time feedback directly from the message, increasing efficiency of approval processing.


Separate the important information from the clutter, ensuring important tasks are promptly addressed.


Allow users to accept responsibility for tasks and execute activities, removing redundant information for others


Improve interaction between teams and maintain workflow audit trails to ensure Service Level Agreements are met.


Configure actionable messages to instantly collect user feedback and update external databases.

All your tools working together


Our middleware software glues together a host of integrations you are already using to ensure simple, streamlined communication.


Compatible with trusted names like ServiceNow, ITRS, BMC and Microsoft Service Centre, you can rely on Heed to connect your systems seamlessly, making each program work even harder to ultimately deliver better, faster, more efficient communication.


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Achieve more, in less time.

Achieve significant efficiency and productivity gains

Streamline workflow and approval processes using Heed’s action-oriented messaging tool. By replace time-consuming and inefficient email, enjoy the benefits of faster execution of decisions, approvals, incident recovery and other action-oriented activities.

Free yourself from the shackles of the inbox

Ensure critical messages never get lost amongst unnecessary email clutter. Heed’s lightweight, purpose-built messaging tool you will reduce dependency on an already strained communication tool and dramatically improve performance and productivity.

Mitigate reputational risk by accelerating fix time for IT failures

IT Incident Management relies on effective and timely communication of critical information. Heed can easily integrate with your existing Service Monitoring system to speed up Mean Time to Repair, minimising customer service impact and damage to brand perception.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise solutions

Integrate your business processes and workflow without changing your existing enterprise solutions. Heed works with your current systems to provide you with live data as well as a centralised, ordered location for all your critical communications.

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