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Approvals. Costs, Opportunities & the Way Out

Deep Dive Into the Problem:

If you feel like you’re endlessly reviewing approvals that have already been signed off, know that you’re not sailing this ship alone. But have you stopped to consider the true cost? In the healthcare sector, this cycle isn’t just administrative burden—it’s time taken away from patient care, leading to delays in ordering critical supplies. In the world of big banking, these bottlenecks don’t just mean longer hours—they represent missed investment opportunities and slower responses to market changes.

Breaking Down the Benefits:

Now, let’s flip the script. What could life look like if this cumbersome approval cycle were eliminated? For healthcare providers, it’s more time for patient interaction and quicker access to necessary supplies. For bankers, it’s the ability to respond to market changes in real-time and focus on high-level strategy. All these changes don’t just improve workplace morale; they directly contribute to a more efficient, cost-effective operation. Imagine the compound benefits over a month, a quarter, or a year. It’s not just about improving workflow; it’s about fundamentally enhancing the quality of your services and the satisfaction of both employees and clients.

Heed: The Multi-Industry Solution:

Now meet Heed—far from just another software, it’s an all-in-one strategy to escape the approval quicksand. Real-time tracking of all pending approvals means managers can see what needs their attention instantly, eliminating redundant checks. Automated reminders make forgotten approvals a thing of the past, and it adapts just as well to a hospital’s procurement system as to a banking institution’s financial approval workflows.

The Summary You Can’t Ignore:

The pervasive problem of double-checking already-approved decisions carries a hidden but hefty price tag. It disrupts industries as diverse as healthcare and banking, affecting everything from resource allocation to employee satisfaction. But there’s an escape hatch: Heed. By automating the approval process, providing real-time updates, and minimizing the chances for errors, Heed doesn’t just promise change—it delivers it.

So if you’re committed to kicking inefficiencies to the curb, boosting your bottom line, and refocusing your team’s energy on what truly matters, then it’s time to get serious about Heed.

Feel like you’re done going in circles? Heed is your next stop.

If you would like to learn about how you can use Heed’s employee engagement platform to help your organisation during a crisis, visit our homepage.

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker (renowned management consultant)